Deftship Pricing Plan

We like to keep things simple, so there is just one plan: Free Forever. You have access to all great features and you only pay 4¢/Label as the default rate (Bronze) with your own connected carrier accounts. 

Pay only for what you use.

Plan Details

FeaturesFree Forever Plan
Unlimited Courier Accounts
Unlimited Platform Integrations
Unlimited Team Members
$0 Subscription Fees
Best USPS, UPS, and DHL Discounts
Best Freight Discounts
API Access
Mobile App

Is there a volume discount for per-label fees?

Yes, if you are a high-volume shipper then, you can get more discounts when you use more labels. Please see the Pricing profile below for your reference:

See sample computation:

If you sign up on the 1st of July, and you shipped a total of 6,000 packages by end of the month.
The first 2,000 labels will be 4¢ (default rate) and the remainder will be charged based on the level rate when the threshold is reached.

First            2,000 * 0.04 (Bronze Discounted rate) = $ 80
                     3,000 * 0.03 (Silver Discounted rate) = $ 90
                     1,000 * 0.02 (Gold Discounted rate)  = $ 20

Total cost = $190.00

The higher volume of packages, the higher the savings.

In addition, your pricing profile will be identified based on how much the total packages were from your first month. If the total of packages were 6,000, therefore, your pricing profile will be Gold for the next month.
A re-evaluation of your pricing profile will be done by end of each month which will be applied to the following month.

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