How to connect your FedEx account to your Deftship

You can now see the best deals and discounts from your FedEx account to your Deftship account by integration.

Steps to connect your FedEx account to your Deftship

1. Log in to your Deftship account.

2. On the left sidebar, scroll down to Integrations.

3. Click on Carrier.

4. Click on Connect under the Carrier name (FedEx).

5. Fill in the details:
  • Alias - Nickname for your account
  • Account Number - FedEx Account Number
  • Password - Password
  • Key - Shipping Key
  • Hub ID (for Smartpost) - FedEx SmartPost Hub ID

6. Click on the Save button.

What is a FedEx hub ID?

Your FedEx SmartPost Hub ID is a numerical ID that corresponds with the nearest FedEx SmartPost processing hub to you. If you do not know your Hub ID, click on the link to get the location and code references.

Get a shipping key from FedEx:
2. Sign in with the username under which the account in question is registered.
3. On the left side, expand FedEx Web Services.
4. Select either Develop and Test or Move to Production.
5. Select Get your key.
6. Fill in the required information.
7. In the second section, select US and Global.
8. Select Continue.
9. Accept the License Authorization. The Developer Key should be generated.
10. Copy the key and save it for later.

To connect your other carriers. Click here for the guide.

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