How to Integrate your e-Commerce Store with Deftship

You can integrate your existing e-Commerce store with Deftship where monitoring orders, shipments, and fetching store details are managed in one.

Currently, we support eBay and Shopify stores. 

Benefits of Integrating Deftship App to your Store

  • Streamlining Your Shipping
Automatically sync orders from one or multiple e-Commerce merchant accounts with a single DeftShip account.

  • Multi-carrier management and price comparison
Integration would let you see shipping deals by our carrier partners and find the best pricing option. 

  • Mobile Order Processing
You can monitor and manage orders through your mobile. Anytime and anywhere.

  • Sending Notifications
You have an option to send a notification via selling channel or through your Deftship

  • Support& Expand your business
Experienced customer support team online, accompanying you through the entire fulfillment process.

Steps to connect your e-Commerce Store 

1. Log in to your Deftship account.

2. On the left sidebar, look for Integrations at the bottom and click on Store.

3. Click on the Add Store button on the corresponding Selling Channel of your store.

Helpful Links:
To connect your Shopify store with Deftship

To connect your eBay account with Deftship

To connect your BigCommenrce account with Deftship

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