How to use Shopify with Deftship

You may already have an existing Shopify store that you use in managing product inventory and processing fulfillment which is the heart of your business operation. You can take advantage of the integration of our Deftship app into your Shopify store to enable automatic fulfillment.

 The key feature of our Shopify integration is that you are free to add as many stores as you want with Deftship to enable you with an efficient way of managing order fulfillment. 

We will show you how to connect your Shopify store with Deftship and settings to configure.

Connecting a Shopify Store

1. Log in to your Deftship account.

2. On the left sidebar, look for Integrations at the bottom and click on Store.

3. Click on the Add Store button on the Shopify Selling Channel.

4. Click on the Connect to Shopify button.

5. Add Deftship App and login to your Shopify Store.

Create a Shipping Label

When you create a shipping label for your Shopify order using Deftship, we can send the tracking number and fulfillment update over to your Shopify automatically. You'll need to first enable the Shopify sync and fulfillment settings on the Settings Page (Stores) in Deftship. 

Here, You'll see the settings to:

  • Sync Tracking Numbers on Shopify
Checking the box to Sync tracking numbers on Shopify will allow the tracking number to sync back to Shopify when you purchase the label for the order in Deftship. This will also automatically mark all items in the Shopify order as fulfilled in Shopify. The exception is if you've used partial order fulfillment — Partial order fulfillment for Shopify. 

  • Send Shopify notification to the customer
Checking the box to Send a notification to the customer via Shopify will trigger your Shopify email template to be sent from Shopify to your customer when the order is marked fulfilled in Shopify. This happens only if you have the Fulfill Order on Shopify checkbox marked as well. If you prefer to send the Deftship email notification, uncheck this box and set up the Deftship email notification. 

  • Include POS orders from Shopify
Deftship, by default, will exclude POS orders from Shopify when orders are imported. If you prefer to have your Shopify POS orders imported to Deftship, you can check this box. This will allow all POS orders to always import along with your other orders. 

Click the Save button when you are finished configuring your settings. 

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