Acceptable Forms of Identification for USPS Restricted Delivery

Acceptable Forms of Identification for USPS Restricted Delivery

Restricted Delivery required procedures for identification for those picking up mail and signing up for services

Acceptable Proof of Identification

Primary forms of identification must include a clear photograph of the individual bearer.

  • U.S. Government ID: U.S. Government ID may be federal-, state-, or tribal-issued. You may provide the following:    
               - U.S. government-issued U.S. Access card, including a USAccess card or Personal Identity Verification (PIV) card.
               - An identification card issued by a federally or state-recognized tribal nation (tribal identification card).
               - U.S. certificate of citizenship or naturalization.
               - U.S. permanent resident or other identification card issued by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.
               - Uniformed Service ID card.
               - U.S. Department of Defense Common Access card (CAC).
               - State, territory, or tribal non-driver’s identification card.
               - State-, territory-, or tribal-issued driver’s license.
  • Passport
  • Matricula Consular (Mexico)
  • NEXUS (Canada)
  • Corporate Identification
  • U.S. University Identification

Acceptable Secondary Forms of Identification

An acceptable secondary form of identification, traceable to the bearer, is required to verify the validity of the address provided when you apply or request certain products and services. The following acceptable non-photo forms of current identification can be used:

  • A lease, mortgage, or deed of trust
  • Voter or vehicle registration card
  • Home or vehicle insurance policy
  • Form I-94, Arrival and Departure Record

You may also provide an additional acceptable primary form of identification as your acceptable secondary form of identification.
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