The CFS fee in freight shipping stands for Container Freight Station fee.

It's a charge associated with the use of a Container Freight Station, which is a facility where cargo is consolidated and deconsolidated for shipment.
This fee typically covers the handling, storage, and processing of freight at the container station. It's applied when cargo needs to be stored or processed at the station before being loaded onto or after being unloaded from a container.


Accessorial fees are additional charges applied to freight shipments for specific services or circumstances beyond standard transportation. In this context, the CFS (Container Freight Station) accessorial fee must be chosen when arranging the shipment.


To facilitate the process, delivery orders need to be submitted before 2pm on the day preceding the scheduled pickup. All necessary documentation, such as the Master Bill of Lading, House Bill of Lading, Delivery Order, carton count, and payment receipts, should be sent to our support team as PDF or Doc files via chat or email. This ensures the smooth handling and reliable pickup and delivery of your freight.

It's important to note that each shipment requires only one Delivery Order. If multiple Delivery Orders are involved, separate shipments need to be booked for each to avoid any oversights during pickup.
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