Claim file Requirements

Claim file Requirements

We consolidated important articles for you to be guided about filing claims. Either Sender or Receiver can file a claim within the given time from the carriers.

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When should I file a claim?


Type of Report

Time Requirement

UPS Loss24 hours after the expected Delivery Date
UPSDamageAs soon as identified damage
DHLLoss and DamageWithin 30 days from the PickUp date
FedExLossReport within 21 calendar days
DamageReport within 21 calendar days
Attention ⚠️
UPS: Generally, you can file a claim for a lost or damaged package within 60 days of the scheduled delivery time or if the shipping status stops updating.
FedEx: You can report a lost or damaged package within 21 days and file a lost claim within 270 days from the date of delivery (or from the date of expected delivery). If a package is rejected due to damage, a claim may be submitted within 270 days from the expected arrival date of the package.
 DHL: You can file a claim for loss or damage within 30 days from the date DHL accepts the shipment.

What do I need to submit?

• Tracking Number: The tracking number of the lost or damaged package
• Shipper and consignee information: name and address
• Product Description: Be as specific as possible when offering the product.
For example, if the missing or damaged package is a pair of shoes, please provide the following detailed description:
1. Product name: ABC sneakers
2. Size: 8
3. Brand: ABC
4. Color: White
5. Model: DD8959-100 (if applicable)
6. Unit lost or damaged: 1 pair
7. Claim Value: $100
8. Product Links: if applicable

Supporting Documents needed:

1. Upload relevant supporting documents, including product descriptions in the form of receipts, invoices, purchase orders, or other documents that specifically identify the product.
2. If the delivery address is an Amazon address, you need to upload a screenshot that is not on the shelf, as shown in the figure:

NOTE: Documentation also includes photos of damaged packaging and/or contents (for damage claims, including the inner and outer packaging)

How do I submit my claim?

1. Go to your Shipments
2. Find the order you need to submit the claim for.
3. Click on the three-vertical dots of the corresponding order and click on File a claim

Or you can can click on the order and it will show a detailed view on the right side. See as below:

4. Fill in the claim details:
  1. Product Name:
  2. Size:
  3. Brand:
  4. Color:
  5. Model (If applicable)
  6. Unit Lost or Damaged
  7. Claim Amount
  8. Product Links
  9. Proof of purchase/invoice etc. you can attach.

Important Note:

Users are unable to file a claim for a package that has been created under their own shipper account.

Additionally, they cannot file a claim for a shipment that has been manually marked as shipped.