How to create a new shipment order

How to create a new shipment order

Steps in Creating a New Shipment Order through Desktop

1. Log in to your DeftShip Account.

2. Click on New Shipment.

3. Select the Shipping From address. If the address is not yet, available on the selection. You can add a new address
You can manually enter a new shipping address. It is also possible to search by company or name from the address book.
If you need to add delivery addresses in batches, click here
NOTE: Please fill out the email address field to get a contact reference for your order

Delivery on Saturday is optional

Note: If you want to deliver on Saturday, you can also click Extra Services, then check Saturday delivery, and then click Submit.
Fees are included in the shipping channel quote of your choice.

4. Select the Shipping To Address. You can search from the Address book by Company or Name.
If the 'To address' you need is not yet available, you can manually add it. Click here for instructions.
NOTE: Please fill out the Email address field to have a contact reference for the order.

5. Fill out the package details and if you need to add more of the item description, click on +Add Item and +Add Package if you will ship more than one package type.

To know more about Shipping Insurance. Click here.
We have also added a HazMat checkmark to indicate if your package has a Hazardous Material. Click here to know more.

6. Then, click on Get Quotes.

7. Choose your preferred service provider and the most favorable plan for your shipment. Take note, you can set where the charge will be applied.
It could be charge in your wallet or Alipay.

We will require all new customers to have credit cards on file to reduce risk. If you wish not to provide your details, you send a request for exception  to

If you do not have an international credit card, you can also register a credit card or debit card with a Visa or Mastercard logo on the card.

You can click here to add your credit card.

We encourage you track your package. Please see guide on How to Track your Shipment Order.


Steps in Creating a New Shipment order through Deftship App

There are two ways to create a new order on your Deftship app. 
You can either go to the Shipments or Orders tab to create a new order.

1.A) You can directly tap the Shipments tab and fill out the shipment order information.

1.B) You can also go to Orders tab and tap on the (+) to add/create new order.

2. After filling out all the details, tap on Get Quotes to see the rates available.

3. Then, tap on the Save Order button.

4. If you find the best deal for your shipment, you tap on Recharge button if you have no/insufficient balance on your account to proceed with the order.

NOTE: The Alipay payment method in the mobile app is coming soon~!

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