How to create a USPS Manifest File

How to create a USPS Manifest File

What is a Manifest file?

A manifest is a single-page document with a barcode that carriers can scan to accept all packages into transit without the need to scan each item individually, speeding up the package acceptance process which can save a lot of time for personnel and shipper handling the number of packages.

 Most carriers will not accept a large number of packages at their location or for a scheduled pickup without a manifest. USPS manifests are called SCAN Forms.  

Here's what a SCAN form looks like:

What is the USPS SCAN Form?

SCAN form stands for Shipment Confirmation Acceptance Notice and it basically allows the USPS employer to scan one master code and inform the receiver about all the packages he will receive.

This master code is used to represent all the packages in the shipment. Without this master code, each package would have to be scanned separately, which increases the shipping cost and makes it more expensive. 

How to use the USPS SCAN Form?

The process is actually easy and simple.

All you have to do is to print the shipping labels and when a courier arrives, he will scan the master code. This will enter the database of USPS and the receiver of the package will be notified and he will get detailed information about where and when he will receive the package. 

For this purpose, the Deftship system should be used. It allows you to print SCAN forms using your dashboard and nothing else.
You can use Deftship to create countless forms and create them using a variety of ranges and always pick a suitable date. You have to log in to one place only and the entire process takes a couple of seconds. 

Main benefits of adding the USPS SCAN Form to your business

Adding USPS SCAN can be a great way to optimize your business process and expand your e-Commerce. Here are a few reasons why.

  • Shipping Nationwide and Internationally 
                    You can impress your customers by showing them how much you can cater to their shipping needs anywhere in the world. 

  • Get updated
                    Shipping internationally would require a longer process therefore, we encourage your customer to be informed every step of the way. Sellers and Buyers get notifications where you can track the status.

  • All Shipments will be tagged as accepted
                With the Master Code being scanned, all small packages included with it will be labeled as Shipment accepted

  • Efficient work process
                Who is the happiest in cutting the process? It must be the post office employee. Instead of scanning 20 or more packages, he would just need to scan one master code. Time-saving and saves effort.

  • You no longer need to wait
                Because of the simplified process, once the master code is printed and attached, you just drop the packages off leave the package for your local carrier to pick up, and you are done. 

How to generate the USPS SCAN 

1. Log in to your Deftship Account
2. Go to Shipment Orders
3. Select USPS label/Shipment orders you wish to create a SCAN Form with. it should automatically download the file.  

Manifest File can only be requested once and for USPS labels. 
Make sure to enable pop-up in your browser or else, the download may not appear.

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