How to create and schedule a parcel pickup

How to create and schedule a parcel pickup

In order to save you time Deftship has launched a scheduled pick-up feature. You can set the location, time, and date when your order can be picked up. 

Methods in arranging pick-up schedules on the Web

There are three ways to create an appointment pickup on the webpage, and you can choose the method that is convenient for you to create a pickup order.

A. Arrange pickup through the PickUp orders tab

1. Click on 'Pickup Orders'. Then, click on Create.

2. Choose which Carrier you would like to have for your Pickup order. You can select from UPSFedEx, DHL or USPS.

TAKE NOTE: If USPS is selected, the requests must be received by 2.00 AM. Central Time. Pickup occurs the next postal delivery day when your mail is delivered. Packages must be properly sealed and ready for shipment before your carrier arrives.

Then, select the Pickup Origin address. If the address is not yet available on the option, kindly go to 'From Addresses'. Click here for instructions on adding 'From Addresses'.

3.  Arrange the date and time of pickup.

4. Fill in the fields on Pickup Details as shown below.

5. Then, click on 'Get Quotes.

6. It will directly show the Rates for Pickup orders and confirmation if it was successful. Then, click on 'Arrange'

B. Arrange pickup through the Shipments tab

1. Click on 'Shipments'
2. Select orders you would like to arrange for pickup. On the top-right-hand corner, click on 'Create PickUp Order'.

3. Fill in the Date and Time of PickUp.

4. Then, click on Get Quotes.
5. Lastly, the price for pickup would show. You can click on 'Schedule' to proceed.

C. Arrange pickup through the Shipment details

1. Click on 'Shipments'
2. Click on the Shipment order you wish to arrange for PickUp.
3. On the top-right-hand corner, choose to Create PickUp from the dropdown.

4. Set the time and date of the pickup schedule.
5. Then, click on Get Quotes.

6. Lastly, the price for pickup would show. You can click on 'Schedule' to proceed.

 Things to Remember: Scheduling Pickup order
Pickup location's Ready Time
*Ready Time means the time when your shipment(s) can be ready for UPS to pick up.
*User-Provided ready time must be earlier than call by time.
*Call-by-time is determined by the UPS pickup operation system. Call by time is the latest time a customer can call UPS or self-serve on UPS Official Website and complete a pickup request and UPS can still make the pickup service request.
*If the ready time is earlier than the current local time, UPS uses the current local time as the ready time.
Pickup location's local close time
*User-Provided close time must be later than the earliest allowed customer close time.
*The earliest allowed customer close time is defined by the UPS pickup operation system.
*Close time minus ready time must be greater than the Lead time.
*Lead time is determined by the UPS pickup operation system. Lead time is the minimum amount of time UPS requires between a customer's request for a pickup and the driver arriving at the location for the pickup


  • The Pickup order request should not be within the 24-hr window.
  • The earliest time of pick up is 9:00 AM U.S. Time.
  • The time difference between the earliest pick-up time and the latest pick-up time should be at least 4 hours.

Steps in arranging PickUp Orders using your Deftship App

1. Log in to your Deftship mobile app.
2. Go to Orders, and (A) select an existing shipment order you wish to arrange for pick up. Then, tap on Create Pickup button. 
Or, (B) you can create a new one by tapping on PickUp Order and (+) add sign. 

3. Choose the Carrier (FedEx or UPS)  then, fill out the details required.
4. Tap on the new address to edit the pickup address.

5. Set the PickUp Time and Date. Then, tap on Submit.

6. Click on the Save button then, Get Quotes to see the rates available.

7. The pricing will show and you can directly click on the Arrange button to complete. Then, close.

How To Cancel pick up the order

1. Go to Pickup orders.
2. Double-click on the shipment ID to open the order details.
3. Click on Cancel.

Note: Warning message will show. Click on Confirm to proceed.

4. Upon clicking on Confirm button, a confirmation message will show if it's successful.

Another Option (if you have your own carrier account)

For UPS or FedEx Packages

If you are scheduling a pickup for FedEx or UPS, you can do that directly through the carrier's website. Please follow the instructions as detailed by the specific carrier.
If you ship a high volume, or ship frequently, with most carriers you can schedule the pick-up once (e.g. every Tuesday at noon) and it will repeat itself.
If you prefer, you can also drop your package at the Post Office, or one of the carrier’s locations. Just make sure the zip code on your package is the same as, or close to, the zip code of the carrier location where you drop your package.  

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