How to Deal with System Error

How to Deal with System Error

一、System error report in the process of placing orders::
1. The system of feedback ” UPS label creation failed :【120301】Missing or invalid ship from attention name.” or “UPS label creation failed:【120300】Missing or invalid ship from company name.”,That is,  Company or Name */Attention Name is lost.,As shown in Fig. 1 / Fig. 2, it may be that the names in these two places are too long or have not been filled in, and need to be filled in or modified. Generally, the length of 2-3 words can be normally typed.

                           ( Fig. 1)

                           (Fig. 2)
2. The system prompt “Your overall balance is negative,please check with your admin account.”In other words, the amount of all the accounts under the secondary account is negative ------ Overall account arrears, which leads to the failure of placing orders, as shown in Figure 1. In such a case, the secondary account or the corresponding sub-account should be recharged.

                              (Fig. 1)
3. The system prompt “Failure:Address Validation Error on Ship To address {120802}”,As shown in Figure 1, it is necessary to verify the accuracy of the address. There may be some missing addresses, so it is necessary to fill in the exact address with the customer.

                             (Fig. 1)
4. The system prompt “An exception has been raised as a result of client data. Please click Validate Address to make sure given address is correct.”That is, the feedback client data is abnormal to confirm whether the address is accurate. As shown in Figure 1, this situation proves that the current account does not support your shipping address or receiving address, so you need to select the corresponding account number in the red box in Figure 1 to make a single order. If all accounts cannot make quotations, it proves that there is no express service in the changing area, such as Guam. Guam is on the Pacific Ocean, and express delivery does not provide services, as shown in Figure 2.

5. When importing a batch order form, an error report "Something is wrong with the formatting in row 3 " appears. This indicates that there is a problem with the format of the third line in the imported form (as shown in Figure 1) and needs to be modified. The specific format has various filling templates in the third form in the corresponding form, which can be filled in according to the actual situation with reference to the template. (The specific error report shall be subject to the display at that time)
6.The system prompt “This address might be incorrect. Are you sure you want to continue anyways ? Extra charges apply for an incorrect address .”It means that the address you filled in is wrong. If it is not corrected, you may be charged an address correction fee (as shown in Figure 1). Therefore, it is necessary to verify the accuracy of the receiving address at this time. For example, search Google or verify more accurate addresses with customers.

                                   (Fig. 1)
7.The system prompts “Invalid Authentication Information.” And prompts invalid authentication information. That proves that this account has not been verified successfully, so you need to click on the verification of the order-making interface to submit the information to pass the verification. (For details, see how to submit the information in the Help desk in the lower right corner of the system. Sop approved)

                            (Fig. 1)
8.If the system feeds back "Error validating backup credit card" (as shown in the picture), and the time is basically between the weekend and Monday morning, then the UPS is performing system maintenance and usually repairs automatically after 15 minutes.

(Fig. 1)
二、System error when canceling order:
If the system displays "All the labels failed to void"/"Unable to retrieve record from database.", as shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2, there are two situations:
1. It is normal that some or all odd numbers of this ticket have logistics updates, so they cannot be cancelled. If it is necessary to cancel individual odd numbers without logistics updates, it is necessary to start the work order at Deftship. Select "Cancel Waybill Label Cancellation (Ticket Charge) " for the work order type and feedback the odd number that needs to be cancelled in the description. The odd number with logistics update cannot be cancelled.
2. The reason why the ups system reported the error cannot be cancelled. This is an abnormal situation. It is necessary to start work on the Deftship Work Order. Select "Unable to cancel Label (Unable to cancel Waybill) " to provide a screenshot of the system reporting the error and briefly describe the need to cancel the whole order.

                                (Fig. 1)

                               (Fig. 2)
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