How to do Paperless Trade with DHL and Deftship

How to do Paperless Trade with DHL and Deftship

Defship supports you to send DHL Paperless Invoice (Paperless Trade PLT) so that you don't need to print out invoices for shipping internationally.

 If you create an order and select DHL as a carrier, the option of Paperless Trade will be shown automatically as you prepare your shipments. We set a program to make it easier for you. As long as the destination country is supported then, you get this feature enabled.

What is meant by Paperless Trade?

Paperless Trade refers to the exchange of trade-related information and documents through electronic means, rather than using physical paperwork.

Deftship currently offers support for paperless trade with DHL and UPS.

How does it impact the International Shipping?

Paperless trade has a significant impact on international shipping. It enhances the efficiency of customs controls and trade administration procedures, reduces the cost of conducting business, and helps maintain a competitive advantage in global trade. Consequently, governments need to collaborate on new agreements and standards to ensure harmonization and advancement in paperless trade practices.

In which countries is DHL Paperless Trade available?

Paperless Trade is available in more than 180 countries worldwide.

How to know if your order is Paperless?

You can find a mark of Paperless Trade on the upper part of order details.

Here are its benefits:

✔ Save time - No need to add the physical invoice
✔ Save money - Reduce printing and paper costs
✔ Green - Environmentally friendly thanks to the reduced use of paper and printing consumables
✔ Smooth customs processing - Quick clearance of your shipment

When to enable the PLT for DHL?
1. Shipping with a DeftShip DHL account, it's enabled by default. so as long as you see PLT on the label, you don't need to print the invoice.  
2. Shipping with your own DHL account, please see instructions below:
To Enable DHL paperless Invoice function:
  • In order to enable the Paperless Invoice function, you need to contact your direct DHL sales manager to enable this feature.
  •  By default, your DHL account cannot submit a paperless invoice, and you have to print out a physical commercial invoice when shipping.


If a shipment is NOT eligible for PLT, it is crucial that the commercial invoice is printed and attached to your package. Failure to do so can result in returned or discarded packages.


It's possible the driver will ask commercial invoice when they pick up, in this case, make sure to let them know it's Paperless Trade enabled. 

DHL PLT label sample: