How to export transaction history

How to export transaction history

When you need to check the transaction records of recent orders, you can download the detailed billing records in the Deftship system for viewing.

If you are not clear about the deductions in your bill, please refer to the following:

You can review the reason and explanation of the adjustment fee and have detailed information. Click here to learn more.

You can always send us your concern or create a ticket. Click here to know more.

This guide will show you how to export the file showing transaction history. 

How to export transaction History

1. Log in to your Deftship Account.
2. Go to the Transactions tab from the left-sidebar options.
3. You can also filter the transaction view or filter by the time range.
4. Then, click on the Export button.

5. The system will generate a CSV file in the background, once itโ€™s completed, you should get a notification saying the file is ready for download. You can click the little bell ๐Ÿ”” to download the billing form.

See Common Fees and Terminologies:

There are several types of main costs in our system, which are distinguished by type.

Total Charge - is the amount of running water, deduction, and recharge 
Transfer order number - UPS Transfer Order number
Balance Transfer - is the money transferred from your company's main account to a sub-account.
Commission Earned - is the commission earned, which is the commission fee that you can draw from the sub-account for billing.
Commission Retrieved - is the return of commission. In this case, if the sub-account cancels the waybill after placing the order, then the freight will be refunded and the commission will also be refunded.
POD Letter Fee -  is the fee for applying for POD, that is, a proof of receipt. The system fee is $3/ticket.
Retrieve Top-Up - is the money transferred from your company sub-account back to the main account.
Shipment Charge - is the cost of placing an order
Ticket Fee -  is the work order fee, find our customer service to open and check those work orders are here
Top-Up - is a recharge, the daily water bill recharge + UPS claims are directly recharged here
Void Refund - this is when after the system cancels the waybill, the system immediately refunds the freight.
Deduct - is generally the fee charged by the UPS bill.
Pick-up fee Adjustment -  is an adjustment on pick up fee upon the upload of the invoice

The usual fees charged by UPS:

A.Shipping charge correction-ground / shipping charge correction-fuel surcharge: usually due to underreporting on dimensions and/or weights
B. Additional Handling and Large Package Surcharge: weight/size exceeded allowed maximum
C.Audit Fee: additional charge incurred as a result of other correction charges (e.g. if there is a shipping charge correction-ground fee, then UPS will also charge an audit fee for the extra work involved to calculate the correction-ground fee). Audit fees are charged at the greater of $1 per package or 6% of the shipping ticket

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