How to Integrate Your Wix store with Deftship

How to Integrate Your Wix store with Deftship

Great news~!

You can now integrate Deftship with your Wix Online Store. You can follow the steps below easily connect your store with Deftship.

DeftShip offers innovative shipping solutions tailored to meet your business requirements. Retaining your customers is essential, which is why DeftShip streamlines the time-consuming shipping process, allowing you to focus more on prioritizing your customers.

Connect your Wix store account to your Deftship

1. Log in to your Deftship account.

2. On the left sidebar, look for Integrations at the bottom and find Store. Then, click on Connect New Store

3. Click on Wix.

4. Log in to your Wix account.

Benefits of Integrating Deftship and Wix

  • Enjoy significant discounts with various global carriers and major freight carriers.
  • Benefit from an automated and well-organized fulfillment process.
  •  No coding required, as DeftShip offers a quick plug-and-play installation.
  • Connect your own carrier account or choose from our selection of discounted carrier options.
  • Easily generate labels and schedule freight bookings, using saved shipping information.
  • Effortlessly print packing slips and labels for individual or bulk packages with just a few clicks.
  • Seamlessly import hundreds of orders from your Wix store and efficiently manage all orders in one place.
  • Instantly secure your packages with discounted insurance.
  • Promote your brand with customized logo labels, providing a simple and cost-effective way to raise brand awareness.

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