How to make a Return Label

How to make a Return Label

We understand that there are some cases where packages need to be returned to the Seller or its designated warehouse. We want you to get easy access to this option when necessary. We also designed a Quick Return Label option.

There are two (2) methods for creating a Return Label

1. Creating a Return Label from Order Detail Page
2. Creating a Return Label from the Shipment Orders Table

Creating a Return Label on Shipment Order

1. Log in to your Deftship Account.
2. Go to Shipment Orders
3. Search for the Order number you wish to create a Return Label with.

Creating a Return Label from the Open Orders Table

1. Log in to your Deftship Account.
2. Go to Open Orders.
3. On the Order number you wish to create a Return Label with. Click on the three vertical lines on the very right side.
4. Click on Return Label Button. Then, get quotes.

3-ways to get the Purchased Return Label

1. Sending an Email to the customer
2. Copying the Return Label
3. Downloading the Return Label


1. Pack the items you're returning, preferably in their original packaging.
2. Print the return label and attach it to the package. Cover any existing shipping labels.
3. Drop off your package at the nearest drop off location.

NOTE: Return label is valid 7 days from the return label purchased date.

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