How to Merge Open Orders

How to Merge Open Orders

In order to save your time and cost by sending out the goods from the same location at one time, the system can easily merge multiple orders.
To create a new tracking number for merged orders, you can follow the steps below.

There are two ways in merging open orders.

(1) If they have the same destination by clicking on Merge Same Destination Shipment button.
(2) Select multiple open orders even though they are for different destinations.

Here is the guide to show you how to do so:

A. Steps in Merging Open Orders with the same Destination

1. Log in to your Deftship Account.

2. Go to Open Orders
If the unfinished order page has the same delivery and delivery address, the page will prompt that it can be combined and issued (refer to the figure below)

3. Click on the Merge Same Destination Shipment button.
Once successful, the suggested number of open orders to merge on the same destination will be gone.

B. Steps in Merging Open Orders with the different Destination

1. Log in to your Deftship Account.

2. Go to Open Orders. Select orders that you wish to merge.

3. Click on Merge Selected from the drop-down option on the upper right.

4. A pop-up window will show up asking which origin and destination the shipments should be set to. Click on the Merge button.

  • Since the addresses are different, you need to select the new origin and/or destination for this new order.
  • Once the merge of different destinations is successful and creates a new order number, the original orders will still be visible side by side with the new ones.
  • You will get a pop-up notification when shipments were successfully completed as shown below:

After checking the order, you can update the package information in batches at the bottom of the page.
To modify:
• Edit shipping additional service options (such as insurance, whether to sign, etc.)
• Shipping parameters (eg size, dimension, declaration information)\

Shipment and Freight Order Merging Guidelines

Shipment Orders Merging Guidelines:

Freight Orders Merging Guidelines:
1. Only Pallet/s are mergeable. Other than that, you can just increase the count or add it as a separate package.
2. The maximum weight is 2800 lb. If it's more than the max. weight split it into another package.
3. If the original truck type is different, you need to choose the truck type you wish to keep.

TIP: 💡
Open orders are incomplete orders that are saved for you to easily go back and complete in the future time. You can proceed with completing the order of these merged open orders. Click here to know more about creating a new order.

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