How to Purchase Insurance (3rd Party)

How to Purchase Insurance (3rd Party)

As much as we want to make sure that your shipments will get to their destination safely, there are cases where they may get lost or damaged during transportation. In order to protect your own interests, you can purchase transportation insurance for your goods when you create an order. You can refer to the following detailed steps.

Steps in purchasing Insurance through the Web

1. Enter your shipment details as you normally do

2. Input the shipment content accurately, and tick “Shipping Insurance”

3. Make sure to read Term & Conditions before purchasing.

4. Click “Get Quote” and the shipping insurance premium will be included

Rate (Insured Shipment Value):

Domestic (U.S to U.S) : 0.75%
International: 1.25%
Minimum Charge: $1

Steps in purchasing Insurance through the App

1. Log in to your Deftship mobile app

2. On the Shipment tab, fill in the origin and destination. Then, click on to (+) Add Package button to edit shipment information.
If you want to require a Signature. You just have to select it from the dropdown.

3. After putting in all the shipment information and before submitting the order, you can purchase insurance by selecting the option from the upper corner. You can also review the Terms and Conditions.

4. Then, tap on Get Quotes.

Important Note:

When you’re purchasing insurance, make sure that you review the policies around the coverage. Take special note of:
  • Claimable value – typically the current retail value, not necessarily the value it was sold at
  • Restricted destinations and commodities
  • Signature confirmation requirements for certain types of goods
  • Packaging requirements
Using our Shipsurance-provided discount coverage you can:
  • Insure USPS First Class International shipments
  • Ensure your consolidator shipments (like Asendia, DHL eCommerce, and FedEx SmartPost)
  • Purchase coverage directly from within our system
  • Cover shipments that are scanned as “delivered” that are actually lost in transit
Take a look at the full Shipsurance terms of service