How to request claim through the carrier for shipments with NO premium insurance purchased (USPS Only)

How to request claim through the carrier for shipments with NO premium insurance purchased (USPS Only)

If you didn’t purchase premium insurance for USPS Shipments, the claim filing process will go through USPS directly.

USPS Claim Processes

Basic Liability Coverage by USPS 
  1. $100 insurance included for outbound and return shipments.
  2. Tracking options
NOTE: You have the option to buy additional insurance coverage of up to $5,000 to protect your merchandise from loss or damage.

How to apply for claim?

Shippers can file a claim for lost or damaged shipments with USPS here.

What's new?

USPS First-Class Package Service was renamed to USPS Ground Advantage. This now the remaining service offered by USPS.

USPS Ground Advantage is the perfect solution for both retail and commercial customers as it consolidates three existing USPS services into a single, all-inclusive product. With this service, you can enjoy cost-effective domestic ground shipping to all 50 states, U.S. military bases, territories, possessions, and Freely Associated States. Whether you are a small or large shipper, USPS Ground Advantage is tailored to meet your shipping needs.

USPS does not offer any coverage on packages shipped via the following services:
  • First Class International
  • Parcel Select Ground
  • Small Flat Rate Box
  • Flat Rate Envelope
UPS offers Priority Mail 2-Day
Despite the name "Priority Mail 2-Day," USPS does not guarantee their shipping time for the 2–3 days shipping options. They only guarantee delivery for Priority Mail Express shipments, for which you have a Money-Back Guarantee. USPS does not offer this option for their other types of shipments. Click here for more details from USPS on Priority Mail delivery times.
If it is within 30 days of when your Priority Mail Express package was shipped, you may take advantage of your Priority Mail Express Money Back Guarantee. Refunds for Priority Mail Express service failures can only be requested and processed at your local Post Office. Here is some more information about refunds through USPS.