How to set the Boxes preferences

How to set the Boxes preferences

Do you find yourself using the same package size(s) often? Do you want to save time in setting your order?

We've got you covered. We have added a new feature for you where you can set and add your default parcel box template. This will save you the time of entering the specific dimensions and weight for every label each time you’re using the same size box or envelope. Currently, you can save unlimited parcel box templates.

You can either set it through the Preferences tab or by directly adding it as you create your new shipment order.

Read through the guide below to know more about setting up your custom boxes.

Steps to set a Custom box through the Preferences tab

1. Under Organizations, click on Preferences.

2. Go to Boxes

3. You can then set your custom package dimension by clicking on (+) Add Custom Box.

To create a Parcel Box Template:

 Required fields with (*)

  •  Click on (+) Add Custom Box
  • Required fields with (*); Length x Width x Height and Weight.
  • Set the name for this parcel box template. You can also set it as a Default package template.

  • Click on the Save button.
  • Once selected, a message of confirmation will show on top.

4. See all saved Parcel Box templates on the list. You can Edit or Delete the existing box template anytime.

Helpful articles:

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Here is the guide for creating shipment orders. Click here.

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