How to set the System and Shipper Preferences

How to set the System and Shipper Preferences

You can now set the system and shipper preferences.

System - You can set the Unit and Label sizes. You can also declare the information that will be visible on the shipping label. 

Shipper - You can choose which Carriers will appear on your shipping options. You can also select the type of services that you may be interested in.


Make your shipment experience more convenient by setting up your preferred services and label settings.

How to set the System preferences on Desktop

1. Under Organizations, click on Preferences.

2. Go to System.

3. Set the weight unit (KG or LBS) and Length unit (CM or IN).

4. Set the Label & Receipt Settings. See here: 

5. You can also tick on the options below:

6. Then, click on Submit button.

How to set the System preferences on Deftship App

1. On the Account Tab, tap on Preferences

2. Set the Weight and Length Unit. Also, choose a label size.
NOTE: You can also enable the Address label along with the Shipping label.

3. Click on Submit button.

How to set the Shipper preferences

Each carrier offers different kinds of services that may sometimes be confusing if they show on your screen at once. You can now set which carriers and services you may be interested to get.

1. Under Organizations, click on Preferences.

2. Go to Shipper then, click on Deftship Shipper.

3.  You can now customize and choose your preferred carriers. You can find the list of Parcel and Freight Carriers. 


 - By turning it on, the corresponding carrier will be showing the results of offers/rates that you can choose from  switch next to the 

 - Edit button to customize services. 

For example for UPS below, you can select/unselect certain service/s:

4. Then, click on Submit button to save the changes.

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