How to Set your Deftship Automation

How to Set your Deftship Automation

We want to make managing your shipments, orders, and freight simpler for you. Your automation can now be customized based on your preferences to identify what type of shipment you wish to have the insurance applied, set the box type and carrier and/or services.

This article is to help you better understand how you can create automation. See instructions below:

Steps in Setting an automation

1. Login to your Deftship account.

2. Under Organisation, find Automations

3. Click on Create New Rule

4. It will bring to a page where you can start setting a rule, kindly put in the details required ( * asterisk are required):

You need to set the Rule Name and indicate description. This way, you manage your ruling especially if you have more than one. 

Rule Name: 

The variables are as follows: 

  • SKU
  • Shipping Destination
  • Item Description
  • order Weight
  • Total number of Items

Actions available to set:
  • Insurance : (A) Always Insure or  (B)Never Insure

  • Package : (A) Custom Package, (B) Custom,  (C) UPS Boxes, (D) FedEx Boxes, and (E) USPS Boxes

  • Carrier : (A) Service Categories or  (B) Deftship Carriers (Choose within options)

What's new?

We have added a feature of having "IF" and "OR" condition to automation. Here are the benefits:

Efficiency: IF and OR conditions combined in automation allow for efficient decision-making and action-taking based on multiple scenarios, improving the overall efficiency of the automated processes.
Adaptive Automation: By utilizing these conditions, automated systems can adapt to varying conditions or inputs, making them more versatile and responsive.
Error Prevention: Properly implemented IF and OR conditions can help prevent errors in automation by ensuring that the system responds appropriately to different situations.

In summary, IF and OR conditions in automation help in creating adaptable, responsive, and error-resilient automated processes, allowing systems to make decisions and take actions based on changing conditions and criteria.

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