How to use BigCommerce with Deftship

How to use BigCommerce with Deftship

This article will explain how to connect your BigCommerce store to Deftship.

How it works:

1. Search and download the DeftShip app and connect your BigCommerce account
2. Select from offered discounted carrier rates and generate your labels
3. DeftShip will automatically sync tracking numbers back to your BigCommerce store and send notifications to customers.

Connecting your BigCommerce Store in Deftship

Step 1:Log into your Deftship account.
Step 2: On the left sidebar, expand the Integrations menu, and find Store. Then, click on Connect New Store.

Step 3: Click on BigCommerce.

Step 4: Login or enter your BigCommerce account details and authorize DeftShip to access your account.

Benefits of Automatic and Organized Fulfillment Process

  • No need to write a single code. Deftship offers quick plug-and-play installation
  • Add your own carrier account or select from one of our discounted carrier options
  • Quickly generate labels and arrange freight bookings with saved shipping information
  • Effortlessly print packing slips and labels for individual or bulk packages with a few clicks
  • Seamlessly import hundreds of orders from your BigCommerce store and manage all of your orders in one place
  • Timely update you with shipping status and real-time tracking
  • Instantly secure your packages with discounted insurance

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