How to use the Deftship Freight Class Calculator

How to use the Deftship Freight Class Calculator

We got you!

We are eager to help our existing and future customers to make better decisions with their Shipping processes. We know how important it is to identify the Freight Class of your Shipment.

What is Freight Classification System? 

The National Motor Freight Association (NMFTA) developed the freight classification system to establish standardized freight pricing for various types of commodities transported by truck. Freight classification is primarily determined by the density of the load, measured in pounds per cubic foot, but other freight characteristics may also be considered.

3 Things to Consider


Stowability is one of the factors that can affect your freight class, which in turn can affect the cost of shipping. The way your freight can be arranged in the carrier truck is one aspect of stowability that is considered, along with the density of your freight and other characteristics like the ease of handling and liability. 

Overall, it's important to consider the size, shape, and other characteristics of your freight when arranging for shipping, as this can affect both the cost and the efficiency of the process.

Ease of Handling 

The ability of a commodity to be handled as it is loaded and unloaded from one LTL terminal to another is one factor that affects the freight class and, consequently, the cost of shipping. This includes the packaging, unit dimensions, and fragility of the item being shipped 
The more difficult an item is to handle, the more it will increase the freight class and, in turn, the cost of shipping.

 In determining the freight class, the probability of the shipment being damaged or stolen, or damaging other adjacent shipments, is also taken into account.


The perishability, breakability, and fragility of your freight are factors that can be taken into account when determining its freight class.

If you are shipping perishable items, such as food or other items that require temperature control, you may need to package them in insulated containers and mark the package as "perishable". Additionally, if your freight is fragile or breakable, extra care should be taken to ensure that it is packaged securely and marked as fragile to prevent damage during transit.

Steps in using the Deftship Freight Class Calculator

NOTE: You don't need to have an account with Deftship to use this feature. 

1. On the browser, type in  or Click HERE.
Go to our Deftship website > Resources > Freight Class Calculator

2. Put in the required information, to begin with, the calculation.
  • Choose the Measurement type: lb/in  or kg/cm
  • Packaging: Custom Dimensions, 48x40 or 48x48
  • Enter the Length x Width x Height and Weight Value

3. You can see the result below the calculator.
  • Choose the Measurement type: lb/in 
  • Packaging:  48x48 
  • Enter the 48 x 50 x 48 and 500 lbs 

The Freight Class is 65.

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