How to use the Saved Views

How to use the Saved Views

Steps to use the Saved Views

1. Look for Saved views

Under Orders, go to Open Orders. Look for Saved Views on the upper-left part of the page. You can see two (2) pre-set up Saved Views; International and Domestic Shipments.

2. Go to Filters
Click on Filters then, select the attribute you will be searching orders with.

3. Set a Filtering Rule
For instance, if you select Origin Zip, you have to fill out important fields relevant to the filtering rule.
Let's say Origin Zip equals 91730. Then, click on Done.

4. You can save this filtering rule
By clicking on the Bookmark button next to Saved Views. This way, you can easily enable this filter.

5. Set a name for this Rule then, click on Submit.

6. View your set filter.
Now, you can see under Saved Views the filtering rule that you have set.

7. Set a default view
Click the star icon to save it as the default view, it's user-level so any user can have their own personalized default view.

How to View Orders using your Deftship App

You view your orders with your Deftship app.
  • Open Orders - Incomplete orders or your draft
  • Shipment Orders - Successfully set orders 
  • PickUp Orders - Arranged and Saved PickUp orders
  • Referee Orders - Orders created by Referees under your organization
1. Go to Order Tab
2. Tap on the type of Order in a category

3. Once selected, you can Duplicate or Delete the order.

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