How to manually mark the order as Shipped to your Deftship

How to manually mark the order as Shipped to your Deftship

In case an order is being shipped outside of Deftship, you will be provided with the option to manually fulfill the shipment. This can be done by opening a modal window where users will be asked to enter the tracking number and ship date.

For example, ebay order is arrived to Deftship, they shipped the order from We'll allow them to mark order as shipped.

We need to check all platforms to see if there are any other required fields and act accordingly.

Steps to manually mark as shipped

1. Go to your Online store and identify orders shipped or with Ready to Shipped status
2. On Deftship system, go to Open Orders and find the order number of the one shipped
3. Select the order and click the drop-down button next to Sync Orders. Click on Mark as Shipped.

4. Confirm if the changes took effect. 

eCommerce Account Carrier Required List

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