Reasons and explanations for the Adjustment or Audit fee

Reasons and explanations for the Adjustment or Audit fee

Deduction Term
Address Correction Ground
Change of address fee
If the billing address is not completely correct, UPS will change it and then charge the corresponding fee
Ground Undeliverable Return 
Return postage
The shipping fee for the return of the package
 Residential Adjustment 
Residential Surcharge
The package was actually delivered to the residential area
Shipping Charge Correction Ground
Shipping adjustment
The size or weight data of the package is inconsistent with the order, or the package does not meet the requirements. 
Shipping Charge Correction Fuel Surcharge
Fuel Surcharge
Due to differences in package size or weight data
 Shipping Charge Correction Additional Handling - Length+Girth
Oversize surcharge
Size exceeds specificationUPS
Shipping Charge Correction Peak/Demand Surcharge-Addl Handling
Additional processing fee during peak hoursCharged during peak hoursUPS
Shipping Charge Correction Additional Handling
Extra processingThe packaging does not comply with regulationsUPS
Shipping Charge Correction Addl. Handling longest side
Longest side surcharge
Both the longest side exceeds the specified
Regional adjustment fee
The actual delivery area is inconsistent with the one filled in when placing the order
Void Fuel Surcharge
Cancellation Order Fuel Cost
To be used after the waybill is canceledUPS
Void Ground Commercial
Cancel single shippingTo be used after the waybill is canceledUPS
 Not Previously Billed Ground Commercial 
Shipping not previously chargedWhen the label is created for too long (more than 60 days) and is used or reusedUPS
Not Previously Billed Missing PLD Fee
Information loss feeWhen the label is created for too long (more than 60 days) and is used or reusedUPS
Not Previously Billed Fuel Surcharge
previously uncharged fuel chargesWhen the label is created for too long (more than 60 days) and is used or reusedUPS
Oversize charge
Oversized parcel surchargeOver 130 in size and over 150LB in weightFedEx
Shipping Charge Correction Ground Commercial 
Shipping Adjustments for Business AddressesSize or weight data varyUPS
Shipping Charge Correction Ground Residential 
Shipping Adjustments for Residential AddressesSize or weight data varyUPS
NDOC P/U- Auto Comm
Pickup fee

Peak Additional Handing
Extra handling charge during peak hours

The weight or dimension you reported is not accurate, and the carrier found a discrepancy and charged the difference.

Audit Fees
Audit FeesIn the event that the carrier finds that you have underreported your weight, dimensions, or provided the wrong address, they will initiate additional audit fees. These fees are typically $1 or 6% of the adjustment fees, whichever amount is greater.

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