Sending Parcel with USPS extra services at Deftship

Sending Parcel with USPS extra services at Deftship

We have integrated enhanced services when you use USPS with Deftship. In this article, you will learn more about what those add-ons are to provide you with guaranteed safe and secure shipping.

We have added features so when you use USPS service you can get the following options:
  • Return Receipt (Mail or Email/Electronic)
  • Certified Mail
  • Restricted Delivery

How is Return Receipt used?

Return Receipt provides the sender with proof of delivery (the recipient's signature along with information about the delivery address, if different, and date and time of delivery). The add signature option is set to default if this is enabled.

  • A Return Receipt may be purchased at the time of mailing. A mailer can no longer purchase a Return Receipt After Mailing but can request information from the delivery record if the previously purchased Return Receipt did not arrive.
  • A mailer purchasing return receipt service may choose to receive the return receipt by mail (by use of PS Form 3811) or email (by Electronic Return Receipt).
  • Proof of delivery includes the following information:
            Date of Delivery.
            Signature of Recipient (or Recipient's Authorized Agent).
             Information about the recipient’s actual delivery address, if different.
  • If provided by email, the Return Receipt includes a link to the USPS Tracking® prepopulated with tracking/delivery information on the mail item.
  • If the correct fees, postage, and form are affixed, a mailpiece with Return Receipt may be mailed from the home, or office, or dropped in a Collection Box receptacle. Aviation Mail Security restrictions apply.
  • PS Form 3811, Domestic Return Receipt, includes a barcode and Related Tracking Number for tracking the proof of delivery as it is being sent to the mailer after delivery of the mailpiece.

What does Return Receipt look like?

The hardcopy PS Form 3811, Domestic Return Receipt (seen below), or any USPS-approved copy includes a barcode with a Tracking Number. This Tracking Number is not to track the mailpiece sent by the mailer. Entering this Related Tracking Number into USPS Tracking provides tracking information on the hardcopy Return Receipt itself as it is being mailed to the original mailer who requested this service.

NOTE: A Return Receipt cannot be viewed online.

Image of the front of PS Form 3811, Domestic Return Receipt:

Image of the back of PS Form 3811, Domestic Return Receipt:

What is Certified Mail?

Certified Mail provides the sender with a mailing receipt and electronic verification that an article was delivered or that a delivery attempt was made.

Certified Mail service is a numbered service that:
  • Provides the sender with a mailing receipt (as shown in these examples of Form 3800 / Receipt for Certified Mail)
  • Also provides electronic verification that an article was delivered or that a delivery attempt was made. The delivery status can be retrieved in three ways:
                   - Over the Internet at by entering the USPS Tracking® number shown on the mailing receipt
                   - By telephone using the item's USPS Tracking number
                   - By bulk electronic file transfer for mailers who provide an electronic manifest to the USPS
  • Maintains a record of delivery, which includes the recipient's signature, that is kept at the Post Office™ of delivery two years from the date of mailing
NOTE: The delivery record is not automatically mailed back to the sender with this service:
  • Signature proof can be requested at the time of mailing by purchasing Return Receipt Service. Customers have the option of receiving the return receipt by mail or electronically.
Image sample of Certified Mail:

What is Restricted Delivery?

Selecting Restricted Delivery allows the mailer to direct delivery only to the addressee or the addressee's authorized agent.
Restricted Delivery permits the mailer to direct delivery ONLY to the addressee or the addressee's authorized agent. 
The United States Postal Service® may require proof of Acceptable Forms of Identification from the recipient (or agent).

Restricted delivery does NOT provide:
  • Insurance against loss or damage.
  • Tracking or tracing.
  • Expedited delivery.
  • Guaranteed delivery time.
  • Mailing or Signature receipt (unless an additional service is purchased).

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