Understanding Custom Declaration

Understanding Custom Declaration

If you are shipping internationally, your package will always go through customs.
As a shipper, you want to make sure you're declaring what you're shipping so your package reaches your recipient without issue.
To make this process as easy as possible, Deftship will automatically create a customs declaration for orders with international addresses using
the order's item information.

What is Custom Declaration?

Customs declaration is the process of declaring items that you are transporting across international borders.
Items shipped across borders are often subject to import and export taxes, duties, and fees.

  • When you fill out the customs declaration information, it is very important not to be vague when describing the item.
  • If the customs agency cannot determine what is in your package, they reserve the right to clarify, return the package, and/or discard the package.
  • Vague examples include descriptions such as: "gift," "bottle," "box," and "supplies."
  • In order to ensure that your package successfully passes through customs, please describe as much as possible, and do not leave your description items for interpretation, which will cause the goods to not be delivered safely.

What is a Commercial Invoice?

A commercial invoice is a physical document used to declare items to customs.
4-ways to obtain a Commercial Invoice
  • As part of the actual shipping label
  • Included on a separate page as part of the shipping label download
  • It can be printed by clicking Download Commercial Invoice on the Shipping page.
  • Sent electronically through a process known as Paperless Trade, no physical copy is required

What are the Custom Fees?

Customs agencies use commodity, quantity, value, country of manufacture, and other factors to determine duties and taxes on international shipments. Customs fees (duties and taxes) are not included in the Deftship rate and will be added after the parcel has been dispatched by the customs
agencies of the sending and receiving countries. There are many factors related to customs fees, to find out how much customs fees will be for your shipment, click HERE to learn more. Customs fees must be paid by the sender or recipient. It depends on the Incoterms you choose when declaring customs.

How to edit the Custom Information?

1. Log in to your Deftship account

2. Under the New Shipment tab, click on the Custom Details tab in the upper right-hand corner.

AES / ITN : Applicable Automated Export System or Internal Transaction Number VAT: VAT is Value Added Tax/ AD VALOREM tax, additional tax, a tax system in the European Union, that is,
additional tax is added when shopping and it is levied according to the price of the product EIN : The tax identification number used in the United States is called an EIN or Employer Identification Number U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) guidance requires import and export declarations to include the shipper's EIN.
SSN : In the United States, a Social Security number (SSN) is a nine-digit number issued to citizens, permanent residents,
and temporary (working) residents Issuer Country: Refers to the country where your identity information is issued, select the corresponding country information.

Duties & Taxes
Bill Sender: Sender
Bill Receiver : Bill payee
You can check the tax payment method, and you can check the method that suits you to pay taxes conveniently so that

your goods can be delivered on time

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