Way to Manage your Team

Way to Manage your Team

What's a Team in an Organisation?

Organisation has two kinds of users;
  1. Owner - manages and sets the permissions to its members. 
  2. Members - share the same balanceorders, and tickets.

The referee, on the other hand, looks up to an organisation but does not share the balance.

In this example: James is the owner of the organization.

Why is it important to know?

If you are the owner of the organization, it is important that you know how you can set permissions to your team member and if you are a member, this is for you to know what can you do based on your role. This way, the organization will be more systematic when it comes to task assignments.

How can effectively manage my Team?

See the steps below on how to set permissions for your team members.
1. Log in to your Deftship account
2. Under organization, click on Team.

3. Click on the name of the Team Member that you need to set the authority with. 
4. Set Permission whether a team member can View, View and Edit, or None (Not be able to take action) on particular attributes in the system. Also, set how the team can get notified.

5. Changes save automatically.

How to invite a Team Member

1. Click on the 'Invite Member' button.

2. Type in the name and Email address. Please double-check the information before sending.

3. Click on 'Send'                                         

How to Remove a Team Member

1. Go to Organisation, click on Team.
2. You can then view all the names and details of all members of your team.
3. Click on the three dots for option
4. Click on the Delete button

5. A confirmation message will pop up if you really wish to remove the member.

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