Deftship Rate vs Carrier's site Rate

Deftship Rate vs Carrier's site Rate

You might observe a variance between the rates provided by Deftship and those of your preferred carrier. Our system is meticulously crafted to generate quotes closely aligned with our partnered carrier by factoring in pertinent variables.

Differences in pricing could arise due to variations in weight and/or dimensions. In certain instances, the carrier's website may not necessitate inputting dimensions and weight, potentially resulting in lower displayed prices.

To provide you with the most accurate estimate, Deftship requires inputting the following details:

  • Length x Width x Height
  • Weight

By factoring in both dimension and weight, we aim to furnish you with the closest possible rate. Additionally, if discrepancies in details are identified, there may be an audit charge incurred.

We encourage you to use our Dimension Weight Calculator. Click HERE to try it out.

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