How to Activate Your UPS account in Deftship

How to Activate Your UPS account in Deftship

Deftship is now a UPS Certified vendor. Hence, UPS is requiring system users to activate their account. 
NOTE: You only need to activate once. After activation, it will be all set and no need to do the same steps in your future UPS shipping with Deftship.

This is so easy!

Here are the steps to activate your UPS account in Deftship.

1. Get Quote
As you create an order and get quote

2. Click on Ship button
It will open a dialog box showing the UPS Agreement. 

3. Agree to Terms
Tick on UPS Agreement then, click on Confirm. You may review the agreement before confirming.

That's it. You are now set.

Do you have an existing UPS account?
You can also integrate your own UPS account with Deftship. Click HERE to learn more.