How to Create Batch Parcel or Freight Orders

How to Create Batch Parcel or Freight Orders

1. Downloading the Order Template

Go to 'Open Orders', then, click on Import button

If you don't have the file yet, you can download the file first. Options are below:
  • Download Parcel  - in creating batch parcel orders
  • Download Freight - in creating batch freight orders
NOTE: FedEx and UPS use the same template. 

2. Fill Out the form

NOTE: Those cells with Yellow Highlights are required and you need to fill them out.

3. Select the Origin Address and upload the file

3A. Select the Ship From/ Origin of the Shipment

Now there is no need to fill in the From Address ID in the form, and you can directly select it in the system when uploading, so if the shipping address is not yet on the system, you can first create the address into the system and save it Click HERE for the steps in adding Origin Address.

3B. Upload the file
Drag and drop or browse the accomplished file. Then click the Submit button

⚠️ NOTE: ⚠️
In case some information is missing or found incorrect, the system will notify you to go back to the form and try again.

4. Get a Quotation

If the submission is successful, click on 'Get Quotes' to see shipping prices.

5. Downloading Label

A. After clicking Ship, "Download Generated Label" will appear for your batch order.
B. You can also merge multiple parcel and/or freight labels that you can see in your shipment order records.

How to Merge Labels

You can merge multiple orders into one label. Please see identified icon for your reference.

1. Go to Shipment Orders.

2. Select Parcel orders or Freight Orders that need to be merged. 

3. Click the drop-down button next to Sync Orders, click on 'Merge Labels'.

NOTEThere will be a confirmation message will pop up. See the example below:

The action will also be visible in your notifications.

4. When the new label is ready, you can click on the item from notification and it will direct you to this page to download it. 



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