How to make Batch Shipment

How to make Batch Shipment

In order for you to send as many goods at once, the system can allow you to link multiple open orders to create a new tracking number, you can follow the steps below.

Steps in Creating Batch Shipment

1. On the left sidebar on the Deftship page, click on Open Orders.

2. Select orders you need to ship in bulk.

To create batch order. Click here.

3. Generate waybill in batches:

Click "Quick Ship" directly (if you click Quick Ship, the system will automatically query the best rate and generate a waybill directly)

If you have entered your package information and loaded rates, you should be able to pay by clicking the purple button "Send Shipments" and generating the shipment in bulk

4. Edit batch order information

NOTE: Batch editing supports the following information:
Modify if necessary
• Origin of shipment
• Shipment of additional service options (such as insurance, whether to sign, etc.)
• Shipment parameters (eg size, weight, declaration information)

5. Download Waybill

Then, you can download the waybill for this batch order shipment.

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