How to Request Proof of Delivery (POD)

How to Request Proof of Delivery (POD)

Why get a POD from us?

Our POD has complete details of delivery -  ship from address, delivery address, and delivery time of every package in the shipment. It even has the signature of the receiver. Therefore, it has a higher chance of being accepted by Amazon / other e-commerce websites. 

See full details by clicking HERE.

Benefits of getting  Proof of Delivery (POD) with Deftship
  1. Verification: It provides documented proof that a delivery has been completed, including details like time, date, and recipient's signature. This helps in verifying successful deliveries.
  2. Transparency: Both sender and receiver have access to the POD, ensuring transparency in the delivery process. This reduces misunderstandings or disputes regarding the delivery status.
  3. Confirmation: It confirms that the right recipient received the package, minimizing the chances of errors or misplaced deliveries.
  4. Accountability: It holds the shipping company accountable for delivering the package to the correct recipient and location, ensuring responsibility in the delivery chain.
  5. Record-keeping: PODs serve as crucial records for businesses, aiding in inventory management, customer service inquiries, and auditing purposes.
  6. Customer Satisfaction: Having access to PODs reassures customers that their packages have been delivered, enhancing their overall experience with the shipping service.
  7. Resolution of Issues: In case of any delivery issues, having a POD helps in investigating and resolving problems efficiently, whether it's a lost package or a delivery discrepancy.

How to Request a POD for Parcel?

Currently, we support POD letter request for UPS and FedEx. Follow the steps below:
  1. Go to Shipments.
  2. You can type in the tracking number on the search bar.
  3. Select the shipment order you need to print the POD for or directly click on three dots
  4. Then, click on POD Letter.



5. A notice will show telling you that a charge of 3$ per shipment for generating a POD letter.
6. Click on Generate to proceed.

7. A notification that POD is requested will show up if successful or not.
8.  Once successful, POD can be downloaded.

How to Retrieve the POD for Freight?

You can now easily retrieve proof of delivery (POD) for most carrier directly from your Deftship access. We made it easier for you so, you won't need to contact the carrier or wait a long time in getting the copy.
If it's available then, it is good for downloading.

Steps in retrieving Carrier's POD with Deftship

1. Login to your Deftship Account.

3.  Find your order through search bar.
You can also add more filter for more efficient viewing of your orders. We have Saved View feature. Click HERE to know more.

4. Click on the order and it will show the details on the POD links. Click on the Proof of Delivery (POD) 

5. It will directly open a copy of POD in a new tab. You can go ahead and download.

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