How to Create an International Label

How to Create an International Label

Deftship helps you reach more customers and ship internationally (cross-border). Feel free to read through the details below or get in touch with us for more assistance.

To get started creating an international shipping label, you will first need to enter the sender and recipient addresses.

See references in Adding the sender and recipient addresses.
NOTE: Phone numbers are required for international shipments. You can also set the Sender as the Default Return address.

Steps in Creating an International Label from Web

1. Log in to your Deftship account.

2. Click on New Shipment and set the 'Ship To' and 'Ship From' addresses as instructed above.

3. Fill in the order details. 

Make sure that the product value/information and description is complete as they are required for International Shipping.

3. Choose your preferred carrier and/or services. 
You can also select your preferred services for your chosen Carrier by setting your Preferences.

We also support Paperless Trade invoice. Please see more details  here.
In case you are to ship to Canada and wants to know more, feel free to check this article.

4. Once, successfully created then, the label should be available for download under the Shipments tab.

Steps in Creating an International Label from Mobile App

1. Log in to your Deftship Mobile App

2. On the Shipments tab, put in the Origin address.
Click here for the steps in adding a 'Shipping From' address.

3. On the same tab (Shipments), put in the Destination address.
Click here for the steps in adding a 'Shipping To' address. 

4. Fill in the Package information by clicking on (+) Add Package. You can tap on (+) Add button to add more merchandise descriptions.

5. After putting the detailed merchandised description. Tap on Save Order then, Get Quotes. Select the best rate suited for your shipment and the carrier you prefer.

6. Once selected, it will generate a label. Go to the Orders Tab, and look for Shipments.
 You just need to download it. See the Sample label below:

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